Mega Volume Girl Russian Lashes


Introducing the Mega Volume Girl Auto Fanning lashes all you lash techs have been waiting for.


Want to create perfect Russian fans but find it hard or time consuming? Look no further.



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▪ Auto fan to any volume you wish
▪ Perfect Russian Lashes in 1 Hour!
▪ Feathered lashes creating that ultimate wispy effect in seconds
▪ Coupled with our top quality lash Fixx glue retention up to 6 weeks with no harmful toxins
▪  Perfect fans everytime


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D Curl Mixed Tray 8mm to 14mm, D Curl 0.7 8mm, D Curl 0.7 9mm, D Curl .07 10mm, D Curl 0.7 11mm, D Curl .07 12mm, D Curl .07 13mm, D Curl .07 14mm


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