Lash Fixx Eyelash Glue


Lash Fixx Glue is the first of its kind to hit the UK.
This new hybrid glue is toxin free with maximum retention up to 6 weeks!
  • Without chemicals Formaldehyde, Hydroquinone and Latex
  • Secure lashes with amazing retention
  • Recommended by Lash Professionals.
  • Animal cruelty free product
This new hybrid in glue is fast acting with maximum retention.  This advanced eyelash extension adhesive is developed to achieve maximum retention on the lash without the risks to the client.  The black pigment provides extra precision and depth to your lashes.  This glue is manufactured in the UK containing no harmful ingredients reducing toxicity such as hydroquinone the well known carcinogenic ingredient used in 90 percent of lash glues.   The glue does not also contain latex or formaldehyde and has little odor.  Always best used with eyelash primer and Lash Retention  to provide maximum bond to the lash.


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Lash Fixx Glue is highly recommended by Professional Lash Technicians:

Lash Fixx by Essex Lashes is the first of its caliber in the United Kingdom – without chemicals Formaldehyde and Hydroquinone, Lash Fixx manages to secure lashes with amazing retention without the incorporation of what the industry and factories have previously considered unavoidable ingredients.

Nathalie Hollede, Lashguide.



Ethyl 2 cyanoacrylate , Cyanoacrylate

How To Use

To be patch tested on the lashes 24 hours prior to treatment