Lash Retention Ultimate Bonder


Lash Retention Ultimate Bonder is the new first product of its kind to hit the UK!

Having trouble with lash retention? Then look no further..

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Lash retention is an amazing new product which seals and coats the lashes during application enabling your lashes to last much longer with a waterproof seal.

  • It works with any glue
  • Suitable for Classic & Russian lashes
  • Cure eyelashes in 30 mins leaving them waterproof within 24 hours
  • Maximises retention up to 50 percent
  • Manufactured in the EU
  • Does not shock cure
  • Reduces sensitivity by instantly bonding
  • Cures the Cyanoacrylate
  • No need for a nanomister

Proven results exclusively from Essex Lashes.



How To Use

  • After finishing your lash application wait two minutes. This will prevent shock polymerisation from occurring.
  • Add a small drop of Lash Retention Ultimate Bonder onto a micro fiber brush.
  • Wipe over bonding points from the top and bottom, soak bonding points are not required.
  • Allow lashes to dry then brush the lashes to volumize.
  • Wait 3 minutes until the Ultimate Bonder has dried.  We recommend you wash the lashes to ensure any vapours are vanished from underneath the eyes.
  • Thats it! No Nanomister required to finialise the treatement as the Ultimate Bonder does it for you!


Alcohol, Sodium Hydroxide, Biotin